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New South Wales

News: 17 February 2014

Medicare Locals

Many Branches have had presentations from their Medicare Local CEO and found it useful to determine the extent of input available for Allied Health Professionals, especially Psychologists. Each Medicare Local operates within its own governance framework and procedures and engagement with primary health care services. One of these that appears to be universal to all Medicare Locals is ATAPS - Access to Allied Psychological Services. You can check the latest news on ATAPS for psychologists at the APS website portal at 

New applications for WorkCover approval as a Psychologist Treatment Provider

WorkCover NSW advises that the moratorium on the issue of WorkCover approval numbers to allied health providers has been lifted, effective from 13 January 2014.

Psychologists who have not previously been issued with a WorkCover approval number can now apply.  Psychologists applying for WorkCover approval are required to satisfactorily complete the mandatory WorkCover training within three months of the course becoming available in order to retain their WorkCover approval number.

At this time, the training course is under development and WorkCover is currently unable to advise the date the revised training course will be available. WorkCover will notify all successful applicants when the training becomes available.

Enquiries and completed application forms are to be forwarded to WorkCover via

WorkCover Allied Health Framework Review Working Party

WorkCover is reviewing the Allied Health Provider Framework to align with system objectives resulting from the 2012 legislative reforms of an increased focus on recovery at work; to improve consistency across the various allied health provider groups; and reduce red tape. A Working Party has been established and held its first meeting on 6 February 2014. NSW State Chair, Agnes Levine, is representing the APS on the Committee and will be reporting on progress through NSW Branch Chairs.

NSW State Committee

The State Committee will be meeting in Melbourne on Sunday 9 February with the meeting outcomes communicated to Members through Branch Chairs.

State Chair

Agnes Levine

Phone: 0421 839 381  


Anne Frahm

Newsletter Editor

Sandra Scott


Political Liaison Officer 

Tracy McFarlane

Sydney Branch Chair Rose Cantali
New England Branch Chair

Debra Dunstan

Newcastle Branch Chair

Jill Scevak

Illawarra Branch Chair

Lyn Page

NSW North Coast Branch Chair

Jonathan Munro

NSW Mid-North Coast Branch

Adam Patrech

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Shoalhaven Branch

Nicole Baillie

NSW Western Region Branch

Tracy McFarlane

NSW Central Coast Branch

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